Peninsula Valdes

Elephant Seal
Elephant Seal

Peninsula Valdes has been recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site for it's unique wildlife. There are fur seals, elephant seals and Magellanic penguins on the peninsula, as well as many species of birds. The majority of whale watching boat trips start from Puerto Piramides, the only settlement on the peninsula. The penguins can be found on the strech of coast between Punta Norte and Punta Delgada.

It is possible to stay on the peninsula, there are a few estancias offering accommodation and a number of hostels in Puerto Piramades. Some of the facilities are only open during the tourist season, from September to March.

The many travel agents in Puerto Madryn will assist you with a day-trip to the peninsula. There is a charge to get into the nature reserve which is normally included in an organised tour. At the entrance there is an interpretation centre which gives information on the wildlife and history of the area.

The waters around the peninsula are home to orcas, which are famous for a unique hunting strategy where they beach themselves to catch seals. This behaviour has been filmed and featured in many nature documentaries, including the BBC documentary Life with David Attenborough. This happens between late February and April at Punta Norte.